Swimming Academy

Step 11

Forward somersaults are introduced along with foot first sculling, the touch turn for front crawl and the racing starts (where pool design allows).

A greater distance on the three main strokes is worked on with the emphasis on technique.

“Angelfish 1” is awarded.

Step 12

This course is designed to further increase the distance swum in both crawl strokes and the breaststroke with a glide.

To compliment this the correct racing start for back crawl is taught along with the touch finish for the three main strokes. New skills introduced are the double arm action with the dolphin leg kick on the back and swimming in T-shirt.

“Angelfish 2” is awarded.

Step 13

The aim of this course is to consolidate the front and back crawl strokes building up the stamina so that 25 metres of both maintaining a technically correct stroke can be swum.

New skills introduced are handstands, removing a T-shirt while treading water, the breaststroke racing start, head and foot first surface dives and for the older child the introduction of butterfly.

“Angelfish 3” is awarded.

Step 14

This course is designed to consolidate skills to date in so much as swimming, surface diving and swimming underwater are now consecutive.

T-shirts are again worn during this course. New skills taught are the racing touch turns for the three main strokes, the Old English backstroke and bilateral breathing on the front crawl and performing a reach rescue.

“Shark 1” is awarded

Step 15

Within the course children should be able to demonstrate the ability to throw a buoyancy aid to a target point in the pool, enter the water by means of a star jump, swim, surface dive and swim underwater. Side stroke will be swum while wearing T-shirt and shorts.

Time will be spent working to increase their stamina in both the front and back crawl strokes along with swimming an individual medley during which they perform a smooth transition between strokes and the correct finishes for all strokes.

“Shark 2” is awarded.

Step 16

Children reaching this level have gained a good all round level.

Many children upon completing Shark 3 go on to join swimming clubs to work on the speed aspect of swimming.

Within Shark 3 children will demonstrate the ability to throw a rope over 5 metres. To dive in (pool dimensions allowing) swim, tread water waving one arm, surface dive and swim underwater.

To then swim 100m of backcrawl and breaststroke and a minimum of 50m frontcrawl incorporating the correct starts, turns and finishes for all strokes and 25m of butterfly.

Finally to be able to perform a 4 x 1 length individual medley incorporating the appropriate transition between all strokes.

“Shark 3” is awarded.