Swimming Academy

It is with a very sad heart that I have to tell your our Summer Intensives at Boxgrove School, Guildford, for this year  have been cancelled.    

The school are going to be having building works done, and there will be no safe access to the pool.  

The school's primary concern of course is the Health & Safety of people on site so the decision to cancel our use was made by the Headteachers after guidance from the Governors.   

I am so so sorry. 

- but to those of you who have attended our Intensives in the past I really do look forward to welcoming you back next summer for some major fun and giggles in the pool.  

Of course, if you know of another venue that could be available for hire, please, DO LET ME KNOW ! 

With huge thanks, 


Posted : 15 06 2017