Swimming Academy

Courses are run for various abilities at a couple of locations:

Beginners, Improvers and Adult Training

The method used for non-swimmers is the same as for the children, and that is using a rubber ring, woggles or similar for support to help gain confidence within the water and in order to learn the stroke for the breaststroke, front crawl or back crawl.

The majority of adults who come to us to learn to swim are not happy in the water and during the course we work on your self-confidence as well as learning the stroke.

Adult beginnerís classes are small groups with everyone working at their own speed; no pressure is put on you to perform at the same rate as the other members of the class.

A light, fun, atmosphere is present during the class which enables you to relax and learn and actually enjoy being there!

We also hold courses for those adults who can swim the breaststroke and would like to learn other strokes.