Swimming Academy


Zelda Glasspell

Zelda Glasspell I have been involved in swimming for so much of my life. In my younger days I competed at County and National levels, also swimming abroad with my Club (Aldershot Garrison and Town), which then became Rushmoor Royals.

Having learnt to swim with “The Kennedy’s” from Aldershot, Hampshire back in the 1960’s they were my first port of call for my teaching qualifications. I taught with the Kennedy family at the Command Baths for many years and moved with them to The Camberley Arena for its opening.

In the early 1980's I set up on my own, and started hiring Lord Wandsworth College and Boxgrove School. As pool time became available I increased my teaching hours and with the help of some great teachers we taught at Unsted Park, Broadwater School, The Ridgeway School, The Lockwood Centre, King Edwards School and a couple of private homes.

After 43 years of teaching, and loving every moment of it, I am now entering semi retirement.  Thank you to all those I've taught for giving me so many memories.  I hope your love of water, whether that being in it, on it or around it, lives with you forever.

I teach now at Lockwood on Sundays from 4pm and pools in people's home upon request.

A swimmers love of the water never leaves them.... so if you would like any help or advice on any aspect of swimming do get in touch ! 

Thank you !