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Hello and Welcome to 'The Swimming Academy'

After 43 years of teaching many many children and adults and having an absolutely wonderful time I have moved into semi retirement scaling down the classes I offer.

The group lessons I now run are just on Sunday afternoons/evenings in Guildford.  

- with classes for children from 2.5yrs covering all skills from water confidence through to all the four strokes.

If you are interested in one to one's or one to two's I can run these on a Saturday or Sunday, so do enquire and I'll let you know the options.  Thank you. 

Qualified Teaching

Classes are linked to the Swimming Teachers Association (S.T.A.) International Award Scheme, with the system being designed for natural progression.

Courses run during term time:

  1. January Easter
  2. April July
  3. September December and classes or one to one's on a Sunday through the holidays.

Register for Swimming Courses

You can register yourself or your child using our online form.

We do have a waiting list in operation for many of our courses, but please do contact me to discuss specific availability for group sessions or one-to-one sessions or to discuss personal requirements.

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